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Should we prioritize living to eat or eating to live? We all know that eating is essential for survival, but food is so much more than mere fuel! It’s a feast of family, friends, bonds, and culture. There’s no right or wrong answer here, but one thing’s for sure: a healthy relationship with food is all the rage. Based on her experience, Paola Cóser, a qualified nutritionist specializing in mindful eating with an MSc in Obesity and Weight Management, has developed a multicultural approach. Drawing on her wisdom and embracing diverse cultures, Paola has whipped up a method to nurture a conscious connection with food. Get ready to embark on a flavor-packed adventure that’ll nourish both body and spirit!

Food keeps us alive! It’s so easy to overlook this fact when we mindlessly go through the motions of deciding what to eat. But here’s the deal: every food choice matters. So, instead of being on autopilot, let’s take a moment to appreciate the power of conscious eating. Pablo Neruda, one of the world’s most beloved Nobel Prizes winners in literature, brought food to life. In his poetry, he took a bunch of simple ingredients and transformed them into something extraordinary. In his Elementary Odes, he called tomatoes «star of Earth» and described onions as « clear as a planet, destined to shine». Even artichokes were described as «the armored vegetable», highlighting the power of fresh food as something magical, meaningful, and with a sociological approach.

Just like Neruda, Paola Cóser emphasizes the supernatural power between food and mindful eating. In her consulting room in Madrid, she helps people from many countries, including France, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain. Thanks to her bachelor’s degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science, Cóser recognizes the need to increase awareness and reconnect with food.

1. What we eat or how we eat is not really taught in schools and universities. Even for kids and grownups is hard sometimes to keep a healthy relationship with food. As part of this, consider the alarming rates of obesity in countries like the United States (36.3% of adult obesity) according to the Obesity Rates by Country,1 or illnesses related a troubled relationship with food. Based on this, what would be the first step to becoming positively aware of our relationship with food?

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